Jarl Wikberg, MD, PhD (medical pharmacology); Professor of Pharmaceutical Pharmacology and Head of the Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics Curriculum of Uppsala University. Jarl Wikberg has a long standing background in Molecular Pharmacology from both the academic and industrial environment; among his research can be mentioned the cloning of melanocortin receptors and studies related to the molecular pharmacology of melanocortin receptors. His current main interests are joining cheminformatics with bioinformatics, and drug discovery in relation to viral infections, like HIV and flaviviruses, and sexual dysfunctions. Jarl Wikberg
Maris Lapins, PhD (pharmaceutical biosciences); Researcher in Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics, Uppsala University. Maris Lapins’ main research is devoted to studies on proteochemometrics and developments in chemobioinformatics modeling technologies. Maris Lapins
Ola Spjuth, PhD (bioinformatics); Researcher at the department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, Uppsala University and Postdoc at the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Karolinska Institutet. Ola is deputy director of UPPMAX high performance computing center, coordinator of the SeRC flagship project e-Science for Cancer Prevention and Control, and Manager for Research e-Infrastructure at Science for Life Laboratory, Uppsala university. Ola Spjuth’s research interests mainly lie in predictive toxicology and high performance bioinformatics. He is the originator and current project leader of the Bioclipse workbench. Ola Spjuth
Martin Eklund, PhD (bioinformatics); Post doc at the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Karolinska Institute and researcher in Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics at Uppsala University. Martin Eklund’s main interests are mathematical statistics and development of chemobioinformatics modeling technologies in relation to omics and drugs. Martin Eklund
Valentin Georgiev, PhD (quantum chemistry); Valentin Georgiev is working as systems engineer at the Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics group at Uppsala University and involved in software developments in relation to Bioclipse. Valentin Georgiev


Polina Georgieva, PhD (quantum chemistry); Polina Georgieva is responsible for the administration and coordination in relation to the Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics courses of Uppsala University. Polina Georgiev